Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grocery Displays

This was for a Kroger in Mansfield. It is about 12x9 and is in the first hing you see when walking into the Kroger. The other side of it is below.

This is the mockup pieces for a Molson 'beer boni' to be made out of Molson cases. The final result is below.

These were shelf talkers to go on shelves in groceries, promoting our sponsorship with the Blue Jackets. They really helped drive the retail awareness.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Pieces

One of the biggest pieces I've ever done. I believe it was 8'x19'. A Giant Eagle in Youngstown. Huge and dominating!
Phatt Cat Drive Thru in Youngstown.
This is a mockup of a re-design for Ziggy's Drive Thru in Columbus (Victorian Village)
This TV scoreboard as prompted after seeing the RBAR one. This is the actual piece. Below is the mockup. We laid the pieces to coroplast before hanging so that it would set into the recesses of the scoreboard. This is in Worthington (crosswoods)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The RBAR is THE Hockey bar in Columbus. Located next to Nationwide Arena, the place is jammed pack before, during and after every Blue jackets game. Being such a huge CBJ fan, I was excited to put these pieces together for them. If ever in the area, stop in! They have all kinds of Blue Jackets related items, great beer specials and an awesome atmosphere!

This hung in the windows while they were doing construction on the inside. It was flanked by a Miller Lite one as well.
These hung in the upper windows to keep light from coming down on the bar.
One of the coolest pieces I've done. This is the layout for their "scoreboard". The following is a before shot and different views on the final product. This thing jumps out at you when you first walk in the bar.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Zofia's Birthday

My daughter, Zofia, turned 1 last week. Here are the invites and birthday banner I designed for the occasion. The character designs were based on craft cut outs I saw of Big Bird and Cookie Monster. I decided to create more and will continue to recreate the whole Sesame Street universe.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work Space

I figured my first post should be the work space I've 'decorated'. I took all the logos, templates, graphics, etc we have for the Magic Hat Brewing Company and created a shrine of sorts. Each quarter when the new seasonal beers come out, I try and update the walls and bottle collection.